WWW Wednesday | March 22

Hey, look at me go! Two weeks in a row! The past week has been a hectic one–I have multiple assignments due for grad school this week so I have been trying to get ahead, I was behind on grading for work, and I was a photographer for a wedding last Friday! Thankfully, I had plenty of time for reading though. The wedding was two hours away, so I finished both of my audiobooks on the drive. I also spent my Sunday afternoon relaxing with a book (mostly to avoid doing homework, whoops).

I am excited to see everyone’s posts this week – be sure to let me know if you completed this tag as well! Also, a huge thank you to Sam @ Taking on a World of Words for hosting this weekly meme.

I am still chipping away at Caraval! This is one of the books I am physically reading and I haven’t had much time to sit and read a book sadly. I hope to finish this by next Wednesday though! I really want to finish the entire series soon.

This has been a weird read for sure, but I am oddly enjoying it?? I am about 55% of the way through the book as I am typing this, but I imagine I will finish the book later today. The entire book is written in DMs from the work platform Slack, so it has been a very quick read! I will update you all next week to let you know my full thoughts (I honestly have NO idea where this book is going rn).

The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes took me a while to get into. While I enjoyed the premise, I think the execution was a bit lacking. There were starts of many deep topics (suicide, SA, abuse), but these issues did not have any depth to them. I think the characters almost glided through them, and it didn’t have the impact that was intended. By the end, I didn’t feel anything for anyone, and it just felt incomplete.

3 stars

Ummmm holy shit. This book BROKE me. I went into this book knowing nothing. I remember picking this book up at Barnes and Noble and buying it because I love books about books. I did NOT realize that this book is about loss and loneliness and found friendships. It was a beautiful story about how books help people through the hardest of times. It is rare that a book makes me cry, but I teared up TWICE when reading this book. I highly recommend it, but you have been warned!

5 stars

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute was a cute YA Romance! I have one of my students reading this right now and she was recently telling me how much she is loving the story, so I had to download the audiobook copy from my library so I could talk about it with her (this is one of the reasons I am read so many books at one time lol). I never expect anything life changing when I read a YA romance, but the conflict throughout the story kept me interested all the way until the end. The overall story was realistic, and I thought the family aspects really added to the book as well. I really enjoyed each of the characters and their POVs. It was also great to see some OCD rep, because I feel like I never see that in YA! This is a book I would have ADORED when I was in high school.

4 stars

This week, I would like to continue my journey in finishing the Caraval trilogy. I am a mood reader through and through, and while I am excited to read the books, I just haven’t been in the YA fantasy mood in the past couple weeks. I know once I get further into it though, I will want to finish the whole series in one sitting.

I also still need to pick up The Nightingale, especially since I only have two weeks until my book club meets for the book. I am just having a hard time picking it up. It’s not the type of book I usually read, but I don’t want to break my book club streak! I will probably try and give it another go this weekend after I finish my homework that’s due this Sunday.

My next TBR jar pick is Call Me By My Name so I will also be picking that book up soon as well!

I would love to know what you are currently reading at this moment! Leave a comment below 🙂 Until next time, xx

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