(Mid)Summer Bucketlist 2017


Summer has been here for a month now (am I a little late on this? yes.) For the time being, I am done stressing over college for a while and get to relax in the sun as much as I want (just kidding, I’m working 40 hour weeks and it’s been cloudy and windy for weeks; thanks North Dakota)! I still have a little over a month left of summer and still have tons of things I’d like to do before my Junior year of college begins. Here are some things I’d like to do:


  • Hit 100 subscribers on Youtube. I created a new YouTube channel this winter and haven’t had time to post on it, so I’d love to get that started again because it was something that I loved doing and just haven’t had time for. But, I just bought tons of makeup and am thinking about doing some first impression videos soon.
  • Go to Warped Tour. I literally just bought my ticket yesterday for Warped and I am so excited. My friends Nick and Tanner invited me and I couldn’t miss that opportunity! completed 7.22.17
  • Drive somewhere with no particular destination.
  • Read 10 books. Be expecting a July Wrap-Up because I’ve already read three this month!
  • Be able to run five miles. 
  • Go to a drive in movie.
  • Complete a work of poetry.
  • Finish a short story.
  • Watch a sunrise. I’ve seen countless sunsets this summer and now I have to switch it up
  • Practice yoga.
  • Learn more songs on my ukulele. I have been practicing my ukulele like crazy lately, and I’d love to get better at it.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Watch all of Game of Thrones. My friends are getting mad at me because I’m still only on season 2…whoops
  • Get a manicure. I’ve never gotten one and my nails are disgusting. I have a nail biting problem and maybe a manicure would help me out.
  • Start blogging once a week. I honestly just haven’t been on my computer lately, so I haven’t really even thought about blogging, but I do love doing it, and would love to start back up again.

Well those are some of the things I’d really like to accomplish during the last months of summer. Is there anything that you guys really want to do? xx

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