2017 Fitness Goals


2017 is going to be my year. It’s what every one says every single time the new year comes around, but this year I’m determined to make it my year of fitness. I’ve already started transitioning into working out more and eating healthier, and while it’s only the second week of January, it’s been very difficult to change my terrible habits. But, like I said, 2017 is going to be my year, and these are my fitness goals for the year:

  • Reduce my stress / be happier. This is the main reason I’m focusing on fitness this year. I wouldn’t say I’m an extremely unhappy person but I’m not where I should be mentally. I want to be a happier person, and my body image has a lot to do with my unhappiness so I figure this is a good step forward to take.
  • Become more flexible. I can’t even touch my toes. It’s so sad how inflexible I am, so I’d really like to increase my flexibility a lot.
  • Lose 20 pounds and maintain it. I would love to say I don’t have a goal weight, but I really do. I’m trying to lose at least 15 by March 18 because that’s when I’m going to Florida, but after that I would really like to maintain that weight or even continue to lose more. I’m currently 200 pounds and 170 is the average healthy weight for my height so getting there would be really nice. I haven’t been 170 since my sophomore year of high school 4 years ago so that would be a huge success for me.
  • Cut out a majority of my sugar intake. I eat SO MUCH JUNK FOOD. It pains me to think about it. I’m planning on cutting out all candy and pop starting immediately and I’d like to slowly decrease the amount of bread I consume too. Because I eat a lot of bread.
  • Become stronger. I am a weakling. Plain and simple. I’ve never really focused on my muscles at all when it comes to working out so I’d really like to start gaining some strength, especially in my arms.
  • Learn to cook healthier meals. I am a TERRIBLE cook. Like the worst possible chef in the world. I manage to burn everything and because of this I live off of microwavable vegetables, rice, and I can cook Salmon without burning it 60% of the time. I would really like to learn how to cook a few more foods so I’m planning on trying some Pinterest recipes this year!
  • Make a habit of working out. I would love for working out to become a regular part of my schedule. I’m going to start going whenever I can, and I have even implemented a workout buddy so that I have someone to drag my ass to the gym whenever I’m unmotivated.

These are my workout goals for 2017! What are some goals that you guys have? xx

3 thoughts on “2017 Fitness Goals

  1. Yvanne says:

    Half of your goals are basically my goals haha. I’ started doing yoga and it’s helped so much with flexibility. I’m definitely also trying to cut sugar from my diet


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