My Fall Semester Goals – Sophomore Year


My first week of Sophomore year is officially over! And while it was nice to be back, I’m already exhausted from both work and school. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find time to get enough rest as well. I didn’t make any goals for my freshman year of college but this year, I really wanted to so I’d have something to work towards.


Go to the gym at least three days a week.  I’ve been extremely self-conscious with myself and one of the main reasons for that is last year I gained almost 20 pounds! I was 209 pounds at my highest weight and I was so embarrassed. Since summer began, I lost about 19 pounds and am currently 190. I’d like to be 175 by Christmas though.

Eat healthier meals. The reason for my weight gain was because I ate TERRIBLY. My love for pizza was insane and I ate it probably once a week. I had absolutely no self control. This semester I’d like to try and make more healthier meals.

Post on my blog once a week. I’ve already learned that my class homework schedule is going to be crazy. In my first week alone, I had to read over 60 pages of material and write two papers.

Have $4000 in my savings by the end of the semester. I’m really working on cutting my spending because I have terrible spending habits. I’m going to work on making sure my money I’m earning from my part-time job actually goes into my savings account rather than going into my makeup addiction.

Spend only $200 on food a month. I do plan on eating healthier which can cost a little more money, but if I stick to just healthy food and eat smaller portion sizes I should be able to survive on just $200 a month for food.


Go to every class. There is one week coming up where I’ll be out of town for two days and will have to miss class, but other than that, I want to make it to every single one of my classes.

Pay attention in my classes. I made the mistake last year of going to class, but sitting on my laptop during the duration of the class period. It’s pretty much the same as not showing up to class.

Do my homework as I receive it. No more doing my assignments the night before! I’m hoping to have my assignments done the day I get them or at least two days before it’s due, so that I have time to edit and make any last minute changes.

Make new friends in class. I am not a social person at all, but now that I’m in more English based classes and are meeting people who are part of my major, I want to try and be more social. It’s likely I will see a lot of my classmates in my classes in the future.

End the semester with A’s and B’s. I’m really aiming for straight A’s this semester. I would literally cry tears of joy if I managed that. This semester I want to really concentrate on my studies.

Those are my goals for this Fall Semester. I’m feeling extremely motivated and think I can accomplish all of these things. I hope everyone’s semester will go flawlessly! What are some of your goals? xx




14 thoughts on “My Fall Semester Goals – Sophomore Year

  1. fairyprincessjord says:

    You have awesome expectations for yourself this semester. Saving $4000 is no easy feat and definitely a goal I should implement. Good luck making healthy eating and exercise choices. Over the past few months I’ve been working towards a healthier life too and it seriously makes a huge difference. I reccomend Cameron Diaz’s “Body Book” and another book called “Foodist” for healthy living tips without yoyo dieting! (:


    • kennedyolson20 says:

      That’s exactly why I posted it here! It’s so easy to make goals but then just forget about them, but now they’re always here!


  2. kaylablogs says:

    I love your saving money/spending money goals. I am pretty horrible with my money, my boyfriend always gets on me about it lol. I’d love to have $4000 saved up by the end of the semester!

    Kayla |


    • kennedyolson20 says:

      I am absolutely terrible with my money! My boyfriend is pretty much my financial advisor since I complained so much about never having money. But even so, I spent $70 at Target yesterday….whoops!


  3. Amy says:

    Hahah, is it bad that I need to get better at paying attention in class too? I always tend to be doing work in other classes in my classes! Let’s hope we both get better at this this semester!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink


  4. Ruya says:

    Great goals! Losing weight and being healthy is also one of my goals but it’s so hard once you’re in college and temptation is all around you. Good luck with everything!



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