The Best TV Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix


Summer is here, which means time to go to the beach, hang out with friends, and sit in your room by yourself and binge watch TV shows! I decided to make a list of all of my favorite TV shows that I binge-watched myself (I watch a lot of shows). So here it goes:

  • Grey’s Anatomy. I started this show last September and finished by March. Season 12 just recently ended on TV, and while the show is kind of going on a downfall (just from too many years of airing) I still loved every minute of it. This show became a quick obsession and one of my all-time favorites. Warning: You may cry. A LOT.
  • Bates Motel. The storyline is so intriguing and the acting is phenomenal. There are so many twists that it’s impossible not to keep watching.
  • Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl made me want to live in New York and be exactly like Serena and Blair. Upper East Side for life. Also, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are relationship goals forever and ever.
  • Parks & Rec. This show took me less than two months to complete because I could watch 10 episodes easily in one sitting. The humor is exactly what I find funny, and the actors are great (Chris Pratt, anyone?). Definitely a great show to watch if you want a relaxing, funny story and not something too in depth.
  • The Office. A little similar to Parks & Rec but completely different at the same time. The type of humor is similar but the different actors make it a completely different TV show altogether. Also, who doesn’t ship Jim and Pam?
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This show is so hilarious and different from other comedies. The writing is unique and the casting is great. I watched this in TWO DAYS. In my personal opinion, the first two episodes were a little hard to get into, but by episode three, you’ll be hooked.
  • Young & Hungry. I’m going to be honest. I didn’t expect to love this show as much as I do. I watched the three seasons available on Netflix in two weeks. At first, it seems like a cheesy Disney show (especially with Emily Osment as the lead) but when you get used to the cheesiness, you realize it’s actually full of dirty jokes and light humor that’s just relaxing to watch. Prepared to be annoyed by the relationship between Emily’s character and her boss. You’ll want them to be together so bad BUT IT JUST WON’T HAPPEN (Whaaat? I’m not mad at all!).
  • One Tree Hill. Probably one of the greatest shows to ever exist. I watched this show in it’s entirety in 5 months, and I really want to rewatch it (I feel like I would finish it even faster the second time). The cast has such great chemistry and the story line is addicting. A must watch!
  • Orange is the New Black. This is probably the best Netflix series. The characters are so amazing that you grow attached to almost everyone in the prison. They just released season 4, and I won’t spoil anything, but I was an emotional wreck throughout the last two episodes.

That’s all for my favorite series on Netflix. What do you guys love to watch? xx


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