What to Do When You’re Bored This Summer


Summer is officially here! Summer is an opportunity to do so many great things but since there’s no school or homework throughout the day, some of the days can be quite boring at times. I’ve put together a list of things you can do whenever you are feeling that boredom coming on.

  1. Watch YouTube videos – like maybe mine 😉
  2. Clean your room/house
  3. Start a new series on Netflix
  4. Cook a fancy meal
  5. Make DIY decor for your room
  6. Create a bucketlist
  7. Read a book
  8. Write a book / story
  9. Bake some goodies
  10. Go biking
  11. Go to the pool / lake
  12. Find a new hobby – painting, learning an instrument
  13. Workout
  14. Start a blog
  15. Start a YouTube channel
  16. Volunteer
  17. Go on a roadtrip
  18. Go camping
  19. Experiment with makeup
  20. Go to a movie
  21. Go rollerblading
  22. Have a game night
  23. Have a picnic
  24. Go to the library
  25. Go take some photographs
  26. Watch the sunset/rise
  27. Write a letter
  28. Paint your nails
  29. Try some new hairstyles
  30. Go to the zoo
  31. Find some new music
  32. Dance party (alone or with friends)
  33. Start a scrapbook
  34. Spend hours on Pinterest
  35. Color in a coloring book
  36. Go get some ice cream
  37. Go shopping
  38. Go bowling
  39. Call an old friend
  40. Meditate

Well, that’s all I can think of for now! Are you guys going to do anything on this list? Or what are some other ideas that you guys have!? xx

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